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My opinion on the MAJORITY of these types of libraries and my personal experience with them.

No investment, no incentive to make return on investment. Take ages to reply to emails, no urgency, take ages to release tracks/albums, often to please sub publishers and accommodate their release schedules. And sometimes rude/ungrateful/entitled. Can't even be bothered to meet you for a coffee.

When you go into a working relationship where you're the only asset the company doesn't have to pay for and most important asset at that, I don't see how you can be valued or feel valued.

I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule. And I'm not talking about trailer music.

Also think of it like this. If you wanted to write for a major library, and they know you write for a label they might even sub publish at some point (that's what these labels often end up doing, or selling), why would they advance you to make an album? If you knew a plumber unblocked a toilet for a can of Coors Light, would you eventually go on to pay him £200?

Still at same time, if you're not getting much traction elsewhere, it's good to have something rolling in royalty wise and there are some exceptions I'm sure (well, I know there are, but even then, that's random/luck/circumstantial)

If you're doing it for nothing up front, start your own library.