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Old 1st August 2019
I prefer in sessions to record with the violinist (or any soloist) turned around and facing the piano/pianist and both mic’d individually, but for live performances in that side-soloist placement and video in the same I find 18” spaced pair does a good job at capturing both, with a bit of maneuvering to get the image and balance right. You still end up with one instrument on either side, though, but I thought TonyF’s recordings of Anthony Marwood done that way sounded good so I went with it.

Here’s a video I shot a few years ago, I’m pretty sure I mastered the audio but the violinists husband did the video post. I believe this was a single pair of old Schoeps switchables in cardioid, though it could have been omnis, I don’t remember. The piano is a bit too far to the side for my taste now but it all sounds very pretty, I think it’s a good sampling of what this technique can do. Turning the mics a few more degrees towards the pianist might have helped.