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Cringy or not, music has a long story of white people imitating working class black people, starting with 19th century jazz. Your criticisms sound much like Adorno’s elitist (and slightly racist) bashing of jazz as a music form.

Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin were very heavily influenced by blues. Disco was basically an offshoot of funk. Pop music has had a strain of R&B since the ‘60s. Alternative rock of the ‘90s had a heavy dose of funk and hip hop influences, starting with the seminal band of the movement, Jane’s Addiction. Hip hop beats have been commonplace in pop for decades.

I understand this trend sounds a bit silly, but it’s not any sillier than the aforementioned grunge “yarl”, the overdone Mariah Carey melisma, or even the weird as hell pronunciation at the time of Edith Piaf (French people don’t usually sound like they are half drowning when gargling, or at least not as much). There are dozens of fads like that throughout the history of popular music.

Just let it play out. It isn’t that bad and it will go away eventually.
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