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Gun muffs are useless for low frequency reduction, handguns do not produce a lot of low frequency so they were not designed for that. If sympathetic vibration is the cause of the problem, covering your ears (with headphones or muffs), or using absorption in the room will not eliminate the problem. Only isolating the room from the vibration will stop this situation, your best, most practical solution will be to find a new location to mix from.

In this situation it might even be easier to mix on headphones/IEMs in the venue itself because it might be easier to mix around loud direct sound as opposed to loud non direct sound which is so out of phase with what you're listening to that its confusing.

Another solution is to stay in the room and use monitors that will overpower the noise from the stage...did this last weekend when I had to mix a show from the side of the stage. Almost 100,000 people and a PA to match with 300 K1 boxes etc. Mix position was on the stage and behind the PA, there was massive vibration so I asked for a pair of ARCS and a pair of SB 218. Being only 2.5 meters in from of them it was easy to cancel the wash from the PA. The people who mixed before me were using studio monitors and had problems.

Neither of these situations are perfect but they're more practical and less expensive than bringing in the bulldozer and the construction crew.
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