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Lives for gear

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Top of the list is NativeKontrol company who offer Arsenal which adds “modules” of different modes which can be used across various specific controllers -
not just for live performance but adding general workflow enhancements , differing sequencing & sampling modes , arrangement view control ...
watch the video for the range of functionality available , & hopefully to conclude to at least buy a controller that Arsenal supports ( & bear in mind number of mode slots available e.g apcmini only has 4 whereas launchpad mini has 12 ! ) .

website :

NativeKontrol also has a generic script called ClyphX Pro available from Isotonik adding much workflow functionality for all devices .
Isotonik themselves also have many script or M4L products to add additional functionality , as well as M4L library itself .

I have written in a bit more detail previously on this subforum so search for that , but the point about controllerism with Live is that the script is as important as the controller itself & there are many ways to extend & customise a controller from just what Ableton offer.
I own and use PXT-Live from nativeKONTROL that still is good for the original Push, PrEditor from Isotonik and Max For Live devices like Push-ArrangeMode by Valiumdupeuple. I'm looking at Arsenal, which is the only option, I think, for the Push 2, but I want it for some old APC. I was dumb to pass on a great upgrade deal once. Clyphx Pro is on my purchase list.

Even as much as I love these I realize that it's about what flows you can build and get into and this is something I can do because I choose to sometimes, but not some other people like friends of mine, that while technical and determined just can't be bothered. Great scripts are wonderful, but you also need to put your mind into using these, so you can make music. Which is what it's all about, of course.