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Old 31st July 2019
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Let me start with a definition, so there is no doubt that I am trying to school you.
The Urban Dictionary defines Quaz as someone or something that is extremely uncool. I don’t think that definition fits you. I think you are trying to define yourself as quite the opposite. That’s fine. But to benefit from this forum, you are going to have to hear, really hear, opinions and advice that you are not going to enjoy hearing. That’s how you increase your store of knowledge and get better. Not that you have to agree with anyone or everyone, but that you attempt to hear and weigh the advice. You don’t have to do anything with any of the advice. You also don’t have to come back at every post and tell the poster how stupid, wrong and off point they are. You have already been in this business long enough to know that it can take years to realize the importance of what someone already told you (before you were ready to hear it). You received some responses from what I believe to be very experienced and well meaning posters. You bit every one of them at least once. Don’t let your public persona get in the way of making progress with your art and craft. I didn’t see that anyone here was your enemy.