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Old 31st July 2019
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If you are busy doing other things that are generating revenue, and if you feel contributing to this lib would take time away from that, then maybe think twice.

If not, and you have some free time, why not submit a bunch of tracks and see how it goes? Try to get say, 20 tracks into their cat, and check back in a year and see how your efforts panned out.

I understand other member's reservations, but if you aren't already earning a sh!t ton of money, and if you have the time to spend writing new tracks, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss what might be a good source of revenue. Or maybe not - but you won't know unless you try.

It isn’t a good deal.

Really, you need a decent quantity of tracks. 50 would be good. And then you would need the company to be hawkish about getting placements. After that, you would need to continue working your day job until the sync income and backend royalties built up.

So after two or more years you would be able to make a fair assessment. Not worth it.