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Here for the gear
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All my previous comments are answered in this new video. Very quick to the vocal, with the ethereal passage later, almost where a “lead guitar break” would be in a classic rock song. AND... in that ethereal passage, there are the unexpected visual and audio changes when the drum and tambourine are introduced.
You also have a very tight visual/audio sync with the vocals guitar and piano. I KNOW this isn’t live recording, but there aren’t any obvious sync glitches between what we see and what we hear. I don’t think the drum sync is quite as tight, but the visual editing is clever about concealing some of the drumstick strikes. I can easily accept this as a live performance... nothing lets me “see the machinery”. Very artful.
Thank you so much Bushman! So happy to hear this! I shared your words with Julia as well! We really appreciate it! Take care!