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Old 31st July 2019
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Jcoop Basement Build - Questions

Hey Guys,

Endgame here is to build a suite in the unfinished basement of my new (not newly built) home.

For now I'm still planning the build so, I'll keep it simple for now...

The basement is a concrete foundation that goes right up the the ceiling. It's already framed in and insulated around the perimeter. I'm looking at doing MSM/double wall construction for the suite. 2 walls will need to be built from scratch so, I'll do drywall, insulation, gap, insulation, drywall for those.

But, my main question here is, can the concrete foundation act as the first layer of mass on the 2 other walls or do I need to use drywall? I know that sounds like a silly question but in Gervais' book, it sounds like having the same material is important to create that "spring" effect that effectively bounces the sound around inside the gap/insulation to effectively neutralize it.

Thanks for any feedback.