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i am not even going to attempt to read whole thread... did any one actually provide PRACTICAL information for planet earth and reality?... cuz it all seemed like everyone was quick to melt this guy's mind with super deep logarithmic equations and fancy-book learnin... when honestly there was prolly a quick PRACTICAL, USEABLE small set of info that would have had this guy off and running in minutes.

EDIT: as far as LOOONNNNNNG posts... yeah, you have plenty of intelligent people that are trying to make music... I think what happens is that they are not exactly successful yet in their musical ventures, and so come here and bloviate sweet information; moreover, causing them to walk away with a stroked ego... an ego, stroked by themselves.

EDIT2: my thought is that some of these guys are amazing electrical engineers, but utterly suck at making music... otherwise theyd rather be working on a track then rewriting encyclopedias.
So, let's see if I can summarize your post:

"I'm lazy, and its your fault."