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Hi, that makes sense and is probably how I will work. I have discovered ways to evolve clips, like unlinked envelopes so I can make their clips play without sounding like fixed loops.

Would you suggest a Push 1 as my second controller? I just use a standard Keyrig 49 and play keys, but I’d like something with knobs that allows me to switch between and arm tracks, and quickly map knobs to VSTs so I can automate sweeps..etc. I was thinking maybe just getting a Novation keyboard with pads and knobs on it, but I am not sure.
What I've heard is that people that moved from Push to Push 2 are very satisfied with the improvements that came with that. Personally I didn't feel the need, even so.

I enjoy my Push still, because I've invested a lot of time and effort making it work for me, which includes careful mapping of instrument parameters, commercial alternative control scripts and devices to increase what is possible. A couple of my friends, that also own the Push, are not into it as much as I am, maybe because they use more external hardware than I do more often, so I'd assume it takes some motivation to learn it deeply. To me it's my hands-on control of Live.

As much as I enjoy it and think it's a no-brainer, I'm not sure it's for everyone. Everyone that hears the call maybe. Overall, I think Push is very close to Push 2 in usability, but I'm pretty sure many would disagree with that.