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Lives for gear

My advice is any band that is serious about their sound should have their own competent sound person, that knows the rig and the aesthetic of the band. Otherwise by default most venues seem to believe kick drum is the priority.

There are definitely right and wrong stage levels and that will influence how good you sound to the audience and yourself, but it all kind of depends on...well just about everything. Showing up with a huge rig is often overkill in many venues, are your guitars/bass/drums more important than vocals? Look at touring rigs, I almost never see the kind of big gear on the road that some local level bands carry. Most bands that I see manage with some kind of combo or direct/direct capable box with a monitor. I would never tell a band they “can’t” do this or bring that, however if they can’t balance themselves, or hear themselves, or can’t get vocals over the stage level, there’s only so much I can do to fix them if they overpower the PA.