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My daily plunge into the 'heatsink of voodoo and venom' thread....

Neodio claim to attack the 'vibrational pollution' aspect of bad home audio in their 'scientific, philosophy and marketing' approach...

It's hard to see either the R+D, materials or fabrication costs justified in what eventually becomes the retail pricing...but then, that's not atypical of esoteric/exotic cable manufacture and sales.

'Cold electrons' ? I think you've exceeded even your own Alpine benchmarks there strepto ......
The Neodio General Manager St├ęphane EVEN

"I worked 12 years in the Schneider group first as an R & D engineer and then as a group leader and project manager. We dealt mainly with analog sensors (inductive, capacitive and photocell sensors). This career in the industry has been very enriching on a personal level. I saw great people in a culture of excellence. Our products were used around the world, sometimes in extreme environments.

One of the major problems to be solved was the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) that is to say the coexistence between very sensitive sensors and power equipment emitting a lot of parasites. This experiment was put to advantage on the Neodio amplifiers."

This guy, an electronic engineer & the big argument of authority. It's easy to imagine how the folk having no knowledge in physics and no desire to know a little, can be abuse by his propaganda.

One day in a French shop "Profil d'auteur" in Marseille, the seller said me about cable "I'am a pro, i know and do not attempt to said me the opposit about the cables".


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