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I think it's simply this for me and lots of others - sitting in front of a computer making music isn't much fun for me ... interacting with a bunch of hardware is fun. I still use the computer (Ableton) as it makes it easy to record, mix (although I'd love a decent mixer), add effects and sequence my polys, but the computer is just part of the gear now, it's not all the gear.

I went ITB for about 10 years between selling all my kit and then buying more than I ever did in the first place - it was B O R I N G me and I could rarely get the interest up to turn on Reason.

Now I can't wait till I get into the studio again, like a fun hobby should be

You have to draw a distinction between music as a professional producer and music as personal art/hobby/fun/interest. They have very different goals. I don't care if most electro is now made sitting purely with a DAW. Might sound good and I might enjoy listening to it, but it sure ain't fun to make myself.

Imagine if the Egyptian Lover stood holding a Tower PC case !!

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