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This is exactly what I’m talking about. A properly configured computer that’s being used as a DAW will never do this, yet I read statements like this on here all the time.
Am I supposed to spend 15 minutes reconfiguring my laptop every time I press it into DAW duty? And then reconfiguring it again when I’m done? Or am I supposed to keep multiple computers configured for different tasks? The advantage of a general-purpose device comes with disadvantages. That’s almost invariably the case.

It’s frustrating, because it shows me that smart people are basing their ideas on incomplete information.
I have plenty of quirks and limitations, but being uniformed about what a computer can is not one of them. I spent years working at both Apple and Microsoft working on foundational technology and digging into obscure corners of their operating systems, so it most definitely has nothing to do with lack of awareness. Just legitimate personal observations about what inspires versus what I find unnecessarily distracting from my goals.

Also, I keep my machine in airplane mode when doing audio anyway.
I control my audio interface over the same network that bridges to the rest of the world, so I’d have no access to control my mixer without networking. I guess I could reconfigure that, too, but again I’d be devoting more time to what feels like overhead every time I sit to down create. The situation might be different if I had more time to devote to music, or if I didn’t rely on my computer for so many other tasks.

One thing is for certain: I don’t have an optimal physical setup for interacting with my laptop while also sitting at my primary controller. I will definitely be experimenting with other options over time, but so far the computer has lost out in the war for limited space in an ideal location.