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This is exactly what I’m talking about. A properly configured computer that’s being used as a DAW will never do this, yet I read statements like this on here all the time. It’s frustrating, because it shows me that smart people are basing their ideas on incomplete information. 15 minutes in your OS settings will rid you of pesky OS stuff like this. I’ll grant you that Microsoft and Apple are super guilty of including such things, but they’re very easily defeated. At least in Windows they are. I don’t use my Macs for music, so I haven’t tried. Also, I keep my machine in airplane mode when doing audio anyway.
I’m not sure you can generalise everyone’s experience. I don’t even think you’re generalising it objectively. It seems like you’re generalising everyone based on your own perspective which again is part of the issue and probably the reason for the inappropriate posts earlier in the thread.

Maybe every discussion regarding synths as gear has been over covered on gs and we can now start discussing how to make better music.