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Originally Posted by chaocrator View Post
for me, the main problem with software-based setup was its limitlessness.
i spent hours playing with things and drowning in their possibilities instead of doing actual music. and i always had the ultimate excuse: but i'm learning the stuff i have!

hardware setup is much more restrictive, especially the poor man's one, especially when using ROMplers/grooveboxes (well, not Command Stations or P2500). sound is more or less what it is, routing of signal is limited, so it's a lot easier to start making sequences and combine them into something — which is the point of all that story.

another important thing is that i consider myself a musician — contrary to a producer — and always aimed to perform on stage. it's a lot easier to get booked with laptop-only rig, but fiddling with hardware on stage looks way more cool than staring at the screen, and this matters.
See, none of those reasons are what I’m talking about, though I’d say that the idea of someone who goes on stage with only a laptop is a pretty antiquated concept.