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There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of a built-for-purpose piece of hardware. I’ve never had a hardware synth distract me with email notifications, nor have I wondered what the heck the caps lock key is for on one (much less the even more useless scroll lock key.) They’re optimized for a single purpose and that can be pretty inspiring and efficient. It can also be limiting and expensive. So it’s all a perspective thing, and thank goodness we don’t all share the same perspective on everything.

For every hardware aficionado who turns their nose up at a perfectly capable soft synth, there are software fans who sneer at the prospect of paying more than a few hundred dollars for a keyboard. This has given us a general de-valuation of music technology. Where there’s near universal agreement when it comes to the evils of physical theft, attitudes about software piracy are often shockingly lax, leading to a host of inconvenient licensing schemes that make upgrading computers (and sometimes operating systems) feel positively punitive. I still haven’t gotten around to re-licensing everything following a recent motherboard replacement.

We’re all capable of focusing narrowly on our own circumstances and experience in judging gear, for better or for worse.