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I totally agree here. Having the ability to reach out and make a tweak in real time is huge for me, though I’m more likely to do that via MPE than turning a knob, but i appreciate my hardware for that. When I do want the ability to automate things, software is (usually) king. For instance, when I’m doing a synth track, I often will do something like use Bitwig’s audio side chain device to control a plugin’s filter cutoff or oscillator levels so that when the track is at its busiest, the synth isn’t adding a lot of redundant frequency content, but when things open up, there’s extra detail and content. Of course I can do this with software eq as well and I suppose I could do this with a hardware synth that had good MIDI implementation, though usually I think of my hardware synths more like a guitar.

I actually do use my DAW to automate parameters of my hardware instruments when I need to, I only got two hands and feet after all, but that's mostly the cherry on top. I use mod matrices, wheels and pedals to the max for physical control as much as possible. For some that may be cumbersome and it is, but to me it's just learning to play the part as you would on the piano for example. That's the same experience I go for when I'm behind a synth.

If I may ask: have you found a keyboard controller that you actually connected to like it was an instrument versus bring just a controller, if you know what I mean?