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I thought I was pretty clear that this thread wasn’t about preference differences like, “I don’t like having to work with software licensing issues.” That’s totally valid, and I get that those types of things can be a pain in the butt. I’m most interested in the people who say things like, “I once had a dongle go bad on me and I vowed never to use software again,” as if all software relies on dongles.
This seems to be a pretty fine hair to split? People who have run into these issues eventually may decide that they're not worth the effort. Just like SW folks that demand instant recall of all sessions have a valid reason not to go to a 2" tape all hardware system

Over the past 20 years I've had every kind of software failure imaginable. Drivers that stopped working or simply didn't work. Companies that disappeared. Products that were discontinued with no ongoing support. Missing/damaged/corrupted iLok keys. Auth servers that were down for an extended period of time. OS or DAW upgrades that created sudden incompatibilities.

I had these problems in the 90s, 2000s and 2010s, all in different forms, and I'm sure many are fixed or even irrelevant today (e.g. firewire compatibility headaches on PCs in the mid-2000s). I'm just as confident that many new and fun problems now exist and lurk.

These are all semi-specific examples (I am confident anyone interested can find numerous examples of all of the above, just like it's easy to find many reasons where HW fails) that lead to a pattern of "I'd rather just deal with known HW issues than random SW issues".

Another way I look at it is that when I have vintage gear, I know generally what can go wrong and avoid the gear that has known issues. In a steady state environment things are reliable. In a software world where literally all my SW could update arbitrarily at any time (and where NOT upgrading is often a bad idea because of the sheer # of security patches that fly out), I'm not confident that my machine will work one day from another.

And to be clear, I'm not generally anti-SW. In fact I recommend SW almost all the time. And in many, if not most, cases, software is really what you want in a production environment with tight deadlines and the need for late edits. An all HW studio is a luxury very few people have (even ignoring cost) because it's often impractical under modern commercial production conditions.

Music creation is a luxury hobby for me, and as such I'm optimizing for minimizing headache and maximizing joy. I love buttons, knobs, faders, and instant gratification, and thus HW makes more sense for me.