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I'm no expert by any means, but I do have a collection of software and hardware instruments and lately am replacing my favorite software instruments to their hardware equivalent. Why? Control.

If I would be like a lot of producers , programming the instrument, using a lot of automation etc then I could probably live with that, but that's not my thing. I play instruments and want to have the options to adjust parameters on the fly during my performance. I my opinion, there are no controllers with build quality and features enough for this task.
I totally agree here. Having the ability to reach out and make a tweak in real time is huge for me, though I’m more likely to do that via MPE than turning a knob, but i appreciate my hardware for that. When I do want the ability to automate things, software is (usually) king. For instance, when I’m doing a synth track, I often will do something like use Bitwig’s audio side chain device to control a plugin’s filter cutoff or oscillator levels so that when the track is at its busiest, the synth isn’t adding a lot of redundant frequency content, but when things open up, there’s extra detail and content. Of course I can do this with software eq as well and I suppose I could do this with a hardware synth that had good MIDI implementation, though usually I think of my hardware synths more like a guitar.