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I'm no expert by any means, but I do have a collection of software and hardware instruments and lately am replacing my favorite software instruments to their hardware equivalent. Why? Control.

If I would be like a lot of producers , programming the instrument, using a lot of automation etc then I could probably live with that, but that's not my thing. I play instruments and want to have the options to adjust parameters on the fly during my performance. I my opinion, there are no controllers with build quality and features enough for this task.

And stability, at least on hard- and software the last decade have been great for me. That goes for OS and updates too. The biggest issues I had were from audio interface or controller vendors cutting driver development too soon, leaving me with crapping out drivers now and again.

Just my $0.02
Who’s interfaces are you using? I’ve had limited experience with a MOTU 828 and an RME Fireface 400, and both seem to have great support that still continues. I tried one of my old 828s a while ago and it was still working. I’m on Windows.