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The criticism just doesn’t seem to mesh up with my actual experience, so I’m wondering what the actual F? Don’t get me wrong, I had those opinions too... in the early 2000s. Things have come a very long way since.
It feels more like you're building a straw man argument to defend something preemptively...why not just let people have their opinions that are possibly valid for them even if you disagree? This isn't irrational, this is just a different perspective.

It's weird that in all these HW vs. SW debates it feels like:

HW users: "This works for me, SW was clunky, but you do you"
SW users: "No, SW works for everyone, you're just stubborn"

I was ITB for almost 10 years before I threw in the towel. It's the frictional cost of every avenue of incompatibility or failure. Some things want to do an internet check; some need one dongle or another one or another one; license server has to run; virus check causes issues; new version of DAW broke some plugins; new version of plugins broke some features; new version of OS broke a bunch of stuff; CPU/RAM limitations; memory leaks force me to restart DAW every couple hours; driver compatibility issues; etc.

None of these is insurmountable, but in aggregate -- compared to my studio where I hit power and start jamming immediately -- it was not a pleasant experience. It had fewer cables; was more portable; and was cheaper.

One thing I love about my HW is that audio signals are pretty standard. Power and audio electrical signals are a clear standard that are here to stay, unlike a lot of intermediate 'standards' that make owning some types of machines a nightmare (I'm looking at all the 90s samplers storage). This is one reason I don't own any older samplers.

tl;dr -- use what works for you, but don't assume that what doesn't work for others is due to ignorance