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Lives for gear

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(...)Because, in the big picture, it's not all that miserable. I love great music and musicians, I love being accepted among them, I love recording and mixing (especially the live streaming/broadcast no-do-over kind) and I love new challenges. And my wife loves that I love all this stuff, because apparently I can be tough to live with when I don't get enough of it; that counts for a lot.

Six loves in two sentences, zero misery.

And it's not a humble-brag because there's no humble, but I'm already doing it better than anyone else has at this place and people are noticing. But the game still needs a lot of work.

As for the money, it's actually pretty lousy. But the networking is incredible (it's LA, for Pete's sake), not just for engineering and mixing but for song-shopping as well, and I've already gotten a few nice daylight-hours gigs out of it. The internet radio show I mixed for several years was also helpful in that regard, but this is already proving to be tons better.

Besides, I have no grandkids and I hate golf. :-)
plenty of good reasons for doing it then!

i have been rethinking things a bit and your situation (at this venue) reminds me pretty much of two slightly different situations i regularly get into, with a common topic though: mixing monitors on loud stages and getting called to adjust frequency response in subpar studio environments (when further room treatment is not an option) - here's what i do:

when mixing monitors, i establish a wedge and/or nearfield monitor mix which takes into consideration the rear blast and stage noise, meaning i tweak the wedge/nearfields frequency response until the combined frequency response measures reasonable - same in studios, only difference is that low end comes from room modes.

anyway, here's a link to an article from someone who can explain things much better than i can:

check the last section on subwoofers - since you already got a lot of end ooompf in your place, a sub imo wouldn't need to very powerful and pretty much any equalizer should do to adjust the monitors. good luck!