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Unfortunately Brent, there is no logical protocol to deal with stupid drummers and loud back lines.
Maybe not. So I guess I'll have to forget logic and move on to politeness and tact. We'll see if that works.

The more interesting question is why do you continue to work with this type of miserable conditions when you know full well what you will be dealing with. I am a big believer in the benefit of the word no: living a rich life is a lot more about our options than money and the materiel accoutrements associated with professional success.
Because, in the big picture, it's not all that miserable. I love great music and musicians, I love being accepted among them, I love recording and mixing (especially the live streaming/broadcast no-do-over kind) and I love new challenges. And my wife loves that I love all this stuff, because apparently I can be tough to live with when I don't get enough of it; that counts for a lot.

Six loves in two sentences, zero misery.

And it's not a humble-brag because there's no humble, but I'm already doing it better than anyone else has at this place and people are noticing. But the game still needs a lot of work.

As for the money, it's actually pretty lousy. But the networking is incredible (it's LA, for Pete's sake), not just for engineering and mixing but for song-shopping as well, and I've already gotten a few nice daylight-hours gigs out of it. The internet radio show I mixed for several years was also helpful in that regard, but this is already proving to be tons better.

Besides, I have no grandkids and I hate golf. :-)