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Old 29th July 2019
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Can someone clarify if we can use different digital connections on each of the different FX chains?

Just reading on the manual (page 18):

"You can only use one of the following digital audio protocols at any given time:

○ AES3 (aka AES/EBU) over the DB25 connector ○ AES3 (aka AES/EBU) over the XLR connector ○ S/PDIF over the optical connector
○ S/PDIF over the RCA connector
○ ADAT over the optical connector"

However, is this a global restriction affecting all the FX Chains, or does it only affect a single FX Chain individually.

In other words, could I use 8x Adat inputs on FX Chain 1 + 8x AES/EBU on FX Chain 2??