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No bad political analogies here please.

The crass and insecure criticism I have received from one poster is quite humorous. I don't need to promote here. I am fully booked every day through the end of October.

In this thread I report about my methods of working and the new methods I've learned about as well. I talk about the research topics which interest me.

I get hundreds of PM messages here on GS and I try to answer each message.
People write asking for my recommendations, an opinion, to solve a problem; and then specifically about my expertise in Nagra and Stellavox recorders.

I acquire equipment and do a light report on it. I'm happy to say that this summer I added new location monitoring that has helped me tremendously. I acquired a pair of Meyer Sound AMIE monitors and they are all revealing. Such a great tool.

Just today I recorded an incredible new record of super famous household name artists with just a Mackie mixer and a Lexicon reverb box. ( and some good mics)

I went back to basics and instead of multi-track, I mixed the whole thing direct to stereo with a 6 channel Mackie.

That is worth reporting.

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