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Enough with the relentless self-promotion, already. Not only is that forbidden by the rules of GS, it makes you look insecure, hard up for work and utterly without class.
My personal take on this is that if you’ve got enough runs on the board (literally and metaphorically if we consider GS as a ‘board’ in the bulletin board sense, LOL!) and you’ve been featured in a magazine catering to your trade, you have the right to share it and indulge in any consequent discussions. Nobody is being forced to read this or any other thread. And sharing it amongst your peers is not really promotion; they’re unlikely to be giving you work, in fact, they’re more likely to be your competition and trying to get an insight into your methods and thinking.

One thing I know for sure: if I’d been featured in Resolution or similar I’d be sharing the heck out of it on social media and keenly answering each and every question because if someone wanted to know about me, my methods or opinions, they’ve come to the right person because I’m the world expert on ‘me’, LOL!

From time to time people get up my nose here, but then I remember that I’m reading basic text void of the nuances of speech and character. And when you meet these people in person, they are often quite different than the impression created in text.