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thanks for making a point of that. that the emote itself doesn’t process audio. while i know that i think i’ve been thinking of my routings in terms of using it like a standard audio plug in

so really it doesn’t matter what actual track the emote is on since it’s just a remote control for the hardware.

i guess what i need to do is figure out which inputs in the giant 52 channel aggregate device are actually the usb audio ins and outs.

and route accordingly in PT.

Originally Posted by macgee View Post
What i would do in your case is route main outputs to the first 2 H9000 outputs and prove that working
Then in emote you make the inputs visible for routing into the FX CHAIN. Then take the DAW ins 1&2 and route into the FX CHAIN.
The emote manual shows this i think.
Then route the FX CHAIN output to the analog outs 1&2 and just get that working.

Not sure what you're intending putting emote on a track, but just to clarify that won't route any audio to the H9000. It's for automation and session recall.

If i remember correctly, the labelling of the channels by audio midi was confusing. So try using the the outs and ins in reverse just to be sure.
It confused me a little, is an Out from the DAW actually an out to the H9000 or an in to the H9000.
So i had to mess around a little and eventually relabeled in audio midi.
Not in front of my system