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I've been eyeing an Orville and maybe thinking of stretching to the H8000 but those are both complete overkill for a non-professional's rig.
What an absolute slut (and completely without self-control) I have managed to become. I say stuff like the comment above just a week ago, and now an H8000FW + EVE/NET will be in my rack this coming Wednesday...

Wasn't gonna even consider laying out the $$$ to get up to the H9000 but I got IMHO an outstanding deal that in good conscience I just couldn't pass up on the 8000FW+Remote so I guess that is where I'm gonna be at for *quite* the forseeable future.

Looking forward to a little more flexibility and power wrt VSIG even if the tools aren't going to be updated for legacy equipment (which has now been officially confirmed over at the Eventide forums), and the EVE/NET will allow me to be truly interactive with it while playing halfway across the room which was a big workflow issue for me with the 7000. I even acquired an old-school 80's-looking PC joystick to go with the remote for real-time mayhem