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I was one of the lucky few who got to work on a couple of those wonderful NYC trucks in my youth. Ah, that was a fine way to make a recording. I digress.

Philip, do the Remote Audio phones sound good enough to do serious mixing under? Not a slur but a sincere question. My experience with these in the early days was that they had high isolation but that they sounded, well, not so great.
Maybe not really so much of a problem since, at least I, just track in most of these situations. But sometimes, on a multi-mic project, spots and such, I usually do a two-mix on the fly for the client. Hmm.

In regards to an ethernet cable off to a distant room. It certainly cures the ailment but at the cost of a much larger commitment in time and gear. Most recordings I make don't have the luxury of that due to time and money constraints. Go in, set up a few mics, plunk down your table in the wings and record a performance. Sad but true.