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Old 28th July 2019
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i've got an h9000 on loan and am having massive troubles integrating it like you say it can below.. with "no other analog or digital connections"

i've got it USB'd to my mac, and an aggregate device made together with my UA apollos 16

but in pro tools (you're using logic, so it may be quite different)...but in pro tools i/o i don't know if i'm supposed to create BUS channels, INPUT channels, or OUTPUT channels corresponding to the h9000 USB channels...

basically, i'm having no luck getting a track, using a send and an aux channel, to be able to go through the H9000 over USB and be effected.

there is zero information on how to do this in the manual and i can't find anything online.

anyone here with pro tools able to use the H9000 with *only* a USB connection to route to as a send effect?

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I think the Logic I/O plugin confused this which is why I went into the I/O Labels later to rename it.
The default detection by Audio Midi and Logic labelled the H9K USB In/Outs as "Analog" but they are however the USB In/Outs with zero physical connection other than USB cable. Essentially, you can hook up the H9000 to the computer and use no other analog or digital connections and have amazing outboard processing