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The same question occurred to me as well. I'm guessing that the caution here is that the room will end up very dead sounding long before I get the <100Hz decay times down.
Seems like you are aware of the "over trapped room" syndrome.

Soft traps are a simple and cheap ”band aid” for attenuating mid-high frequency reflections.
Unfortunately soft traps need to be very LARGE and DEEP in order to tame the longer wavelength. So they need companion of traps which take care of the low end. Space is often a challenge.

My next few traps will be FRK covered and somewhat reflective and I think I should be able to add so reflective panels to the fronts of a few traps (With slots or holes) to bring some highs back.
Good idea! The trick is to angle/ spread/ scatter these reflections to avoid strong specular (mirror like) ones toward the listening position. Check what happens with help of the ETC graph. (Filtered IR tab in REW)