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Old 28th July 2019
Firecrackers & Tinnitus

Today I did something stupid. I guess I wasn't thinking about it at the time. I have occasional Tinnitus, more often than not, and HFHL in both ears.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to hear some banging so I lit a lady finger and dropped it inside a ceramic vase. This was indoors mind you! There was a loud bang, these are high charged lady fingers, and immediately my left ear began ringing, It's been a couple of hours now and it's still ringing.

Anyways, I know better and I'm the type that goes through great lengths to protect my hearing. I use earplugs even when I vacuum the house or when mowing the lawn.

Lessons learned! Next time I get the urge for playing with fireworks, I'll be using earplugs.

We learn from others mistakes, so I'm posting this as a warning to others.