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Amnesia hase is really crazy sh*t. For shrooms, ams is not best place to do that. Get into the forest, take 15g of truffles and enjoy thd ride
for future reference do you think 15g of the strongest ones is the way to go?
or 10g?

i have not done shrooms in like 15 years. and then i did 3g dried psilocybe cubensis (unknown strain, the most commercial one i guess) and that was very controllable for me. it was really mindphucking though. but still not over the top for me. psychologically speaking.

I was a a bit worried this time, but my friend has been a sitter for many times and know how it all works. he is very experienced. but he did not want to do shrooms. so we did weed instead. together.


regarding the amnesia haze I had searched for many hours reading many reviews and stuff online before i decieded on this one. but i was not really satisfied with the potency nor the high. the high was not enough mindphucking, and it was a 4 toke strain. with everything i had read i expected this to be a max 2 toke strain.

but i know quality varies and deadlines have to be met, this a business and all in ams. if i had grown that it would have been a 2 toke strain no sh1t.

for reference i think ww is a 2 toke strain (if grown for potency). and if you smoke it all day long for 6 months then it turns into a 3 toke strain.
og haze is a 1 toke strain, or maybe i should say 2 half tokes. since no one in existence can do a real full toke of og haze. your brain will simply prevent this from happening half way through. so you have to do 2 half ones. and og haze after 6 months turn in a 2 toke strain. and it will never ever go less "potent" no matter for how long you smoke it.

But this is with metal halide lights and no uv-shielding glass. and you have to use the mh lights that are glass capsule not aluminum-oxide since al-ox shield out almost all uv-light already at the very source. rememeber the cannabinoids and the terpenes (the thing that actually shape the high) are sunscreen for the seed sites of the plant, and they are trying to protect the seeds from uv. the more uv you put in there the more they produce sunscreen. and the more wasted you get....

this has been known for at least 25-30 years though. so its no news.

but i can tell you one thing about og haze. this is a very very psychoactive strain. in many cases much "worse" than real psychedelics.

almost everyone that smoked og haze back in the day like 15 years ago. no matter how "hardcore" there thought they were, all of them, 100% thought they were going to die. LOL.

its the only weed that should come with a warning triangle imo. hahahahaha.

but i liked it. i smoked it every day. several times a day. the trick with it was to overcome the half toke syndrome. your brain says no, it REALLY REALLY says no but now you have to take another half toke, otherwise you will end up in paranoia hell.


in amsterdam the only weed that actually does what og haze does (that i have tried) psychologically speaking is the greenhouse super lemon haze. but i guess ymmv with potency. whn i smoked it, it was a 3-4 toke strain. but when you had taken those 4 it was same effect as og haze. and it smells just the same. earthy pu55y lemon citrus. I went to greenhouse and smelled all their strains and just went for the one that smelled most similar to og haze. and it was the super lemon haze.

it was so weird. i did this weed knowing the effect, and did like twice as much as needed then i told my friend to guide me through redlight. and it was the mmost phucked up thing i have ever experienced. hahahahA god damn. hahahah

you know; it was completely quiet there (but it really isn't i now know). and everything was so screwed and "wrong" i cant even begin to tell you. if you have any agoraphobia this is for you lol. i think i actually got agoraphobia from this experience though. it went over soon though. this is the paranoia master of the dam. but you just have do do one more toke and it goes away. well most of it goes away at least. this is not for amateurs. its a very friendly enviroment so you can get away with more para strains than at home usually.


**** yeah i almost forgot i smoked nevilles haze from dampkring, got a whole g of this. and did this mostly in the daytime in the dam. and it was the least dramatic "up" strain i have ever smoked somehow. i was expecting good stuff but it was only so so. 4-5 toke strain imo. never got trippy either. but never ever even the slightest paranoid either. and never really good either.

if you read reviews on this you expect some mighty powerful sh1t to happen. but that did not happen. i'd say its very mild. but this was just the stuff i got when i was there. so ymmv. could be 10 times more potent too i feel if you are lucky.


amsterdam is a magical place since you can smoke all these types of weed right there in the street if you want to.

but to me the real magic comes from you being allowed to smoke weed inside a real club, legally (well) at least no one says anything and no cops will come. and many times right at the dance floor. So you can listen to banging fukking **** right at the dance floor high. and its accepted and even expected that that you will be high, and they adjust the music to this. this is the real magic.

this is why club nl is the most magic in my eyes. since they have sofas right at the dance floor. so you can sit down and chill out wasted. and no one else can provide that.

best sh1t ever. completely priceless.