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Yet another option in my ever growing collection of gear used for remote recording .....

Everything set on a Triad Orbit T3c Stand.
I believe I own at least one of every accessory they make, and have used quite a few of them in this setup.

From top to bottom.
1 x Mevo Camera, for filming the artist if I'm setup close to them, so I can film and record at the same time.
1 x iPad, used to control Mevo Camera, zoom, focus, as well as to just watch the live footage.
1 x Pair of iLoud monitors, playback for the artists.
1 x Pair of Grads RS-1 phones for me to monitor.
1 x Merging Technologies, Anubis.
1 x Track ball
1 x Apple Mac Book Pro, whatever the newest model is, 32 gig, 512
(which does NOT work with Anubis at the moment!)
1 x Cisco 10 channel Gigabit Ethernet switch.
1 x Furman, power strip.
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