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Looks like you haven’t chosen Umik-1 as input in the june 28 measurement...

That means REW don’t know the mic sensitivity (actual SPL) and probably set kinda default level.Pic 1(Measurement Info)

I guess that will not affect these measured results so much. Level is of course off, but can be estimated and set manually in the Impulse Tab.
Thanks for solving that mystery. When I get home I'll see if I can adjust the levels back down to make comparisons a bit easier. I don't remember setting the Umik-1 as the input device for later measurements though. Thank you.

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2. Topt. Left spkr Comparison june 28 and jul 25. Soft absorption so called "bass traps" (in advertising) will bring room decay down fairly quick (except in the low end ) You are already down to around 0.2s above 100 Hz so be careful.

3. WF Left spkr jul 25. (Calculated room mode freq. as coloured bars)
4. WF Comparison L & R jul 25

Hope that helps a little
Left has always looked a bit worse than right to me, regardless of changes. The right speaker is in front of a window that I think doesn't reflect back low frequencies like the drywall on the left side. There is also a closet next to the right hand speaker that is probably not acting like quite as rigid a boundary. I was hoping the red traps would help even them out. Any thoughts on that notch at 185Hz on the right side? Thanks for the help!