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Low End When the Band Is Right On Top of You

I sometimes mix live broadcasts at this venue where they have a "control room," but it's got next to no treatment, it's barely isolated at all and it's very close to the stage. To make matters worse, the performance room has a node at around 100 - 120 Hz. The fundamental of a guitar's A string is 110, as is the first harmonic of a bass' A string.

In this control room it's pretty easy to balance the mids and highs, but the low end is just this big indistinct mush. I've tried hauling in trapping -- had about 100 cubic feet of it in there last night -- and it does little or nothing. Should I give up on treatment (and trying to get the owner to pay for it), and just try to ballpark the bottom with headphones? That sort of works if I can record a bit of soundcheck and then play it back without the live racket in the room, but I can't always do that.