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OK, attached is set of four measurements: two from June when I started to lay out the room, two from tonight with about 60% of the planned trapping in place. I'm not sure why my earlier measurements have such a high relative SPL... I'm sure I didn't hit 120 db ...
Looks like you haven’t chosen Umik-1 as input in the june 28 measurement...
That means REW don’t know the mic sensitivity (actual SPL) and probably set kinda default level.Pic 1(Measurement Info)

I guess that will not affect these measured results much. Level is of course off, but can be estimated and set manually in the Impulse Tab.

2. Topt. Left spkr Comparison june 28 and jul 25. Soft absorption so called "bass traps" (in advertising) will bring room decay down fairly quick (except in the low end ) You are already down to around 0.2s above 100 Hz so be careful.

3. WF Left spkr jul 25. (Calculated room mode freq. as coloured bars)
4. WF Comparison L & R jul 25

Hope that helps a little
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