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Old 26th July 2019
One thing I noticed from being around a lot of great recording people, Joanna Nickrenz, Marc Aubort and Jack Renner is that they all subscribe to the KISS principal, (Keep it simple, stupid). See and and I think a lot of the multi-microphone crowd does it for the reasons stated by Mark Donahue in his postings on this topic. I also think a lot of people use a lot of microphones so they can charge more money for their recordings (more mics = more investment = bigger fees). I once did a recording session with a very well known producer, who I don't want to name, who put out a lot of microphones but only used about 3 of them. She said that the more microphones the better the recording is what most musicians think so she puts out 8 to 10 microphones. One of the players in the group we were recording noticed that the microphones on the other three player were closer and he wanted his microphone closer. I did as requested and he said it was "much better" even though none of the microphones were turned on or patched into the console. FWIW