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Well not so good, the guy im helping he sat and crushed my juno 60 that I had just got 3 hours before.
Im trying the Ketogenic Diet (For him) because the brain is dual fuel and can run on either sucralose or fats.

As the body ages it naturally wants to take a dirt nap, the brain and organs shrink and prepares for death.
With the advancements in antibiotics we now live far longer.

No I am the guy with $50K in instruments, $100K in cars.
I slutted out, I slutted big time.

I traded all my friends and family to ***** gear on reverb, ebay, in parking lots at universities, at guitar center, any place I could get "My fix" of analog gear.

Im at the dark side of sluttyness.

I will never be that guy I purchased a mini moog from for $900 at a pawn shop parking lot before he could get inside.
Oh boy...

Hey mate, I dunno where you are located, but I’m certain there’s a behavioral health place available to help your friend true up and tune up his meds... PM me your location and I’d be happy to research that for you