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Tried to search this humongous database to see if I could find any questions/answers about Motu 8PRE-es interface regarding latency.

My current setup is RME raydat with apogee x AD/DA. But my home situation with 3 teenagers is forcing me to be a bit more mobile, so I'm selling my rig to get something I can use with comparable result with PC laptop.

my options are:

Discrete 8 synergy core (aware of the problems)
Motu 8pre-es

Cant find any test-results for the Motu though. Does any of you know how it compare to ex Quantum?
EDIT: Checked out that MOTU 8 channel pre myself. I'd go for that one. Sounded better to me.

I’d say just go for the MOTU or Presonus depending on the sound you like better. Presonus only has decent performance over Thunderbolt though. Maybe keep your Apogee for the pres over ADAT if it still works and is one of the older models before Apple paid them to make GarageBand and Logic dongles. Avoid Antelope at all costs. Keep in mind that MOTU write their own drivers and Presonus do not so MOTU are more likely to fix future problems.