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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm just an amateur musician, I normally loop guitar and bass using Ableton Live 10 on the spot and play with a drummer, a singer, and sometimes a sax player.

I have a very basic interface and decided to buy a new one. I'm debating between a UA Apollo Twin MKii and an RME Babyface Pro. After looking at the DAWbench I realize that these two interfaces have very similar performances in terms of latency.

What I find really attractive of the UA Apollo are the UAD plugins, the guitar and bass amp simulators sound incredibly well. I understand that many in this forum dislike the business model of UA, but to me it is not an issue since I'm not planning on getting hundreds of plugins, just a couple of good amp simulators.

On the other hand, I've read a lot of people that swear by RME's products. I am well aware that their drivers are extremely solid and very reliable for live performances. Nevertheless, they do not offer the kind of "one-stop solution" offered by the UA Apollo with regards to the UAD plugins that could be processed by the interface.

What is your opinion about these two interfaces? Is one of them far superior than the other one in terms of performance when live looping in Ableton Live? I don't plan on running dozens of tracks or effects. Could I route all tracks, including an electric drummer, through the interface and monitor through the DAW without annoying levels of latency?

Thanks for your help!
Hi music_fun,

Keep in mind the purpose of the devices: the UA Apollo boxes are designed around direct input guitar monitored through the interface while one of their modeling plugins is running on the SHARC DSP chip in it. The preamps in it around designed for this and otherwise sound worse than the competition. They also do not have basic stuff like an ADAT or MIDI on the desktop ones for your drummer.

The RME Babyface Pro is just a better product with better pres and more connectivity (ADAT expansion and MIDI) so if you’re not direct inputting a guitar through a UAD plugin, it’s the way to go. Competitors would be MOTU Ultralite (cheaper, different sound) and slower stuff with better sound you don’t need.