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It’s how the music learning industry works long before you get to college. If a parent takes their kid to the renowned music school in their area, their kids will get funneled into years of classical training and told that popular music is worthless. When in fact, economically and jobs wise, it’s the exact opposite. The once highly practical classical music training model now sits somewhere next to horse and buggy repair.

To the “prescriptive” points earlier, at the college level, theory courses require prescriptive writing exercises throughout the learning process and as a test of students’ abilities to write within rules. Its no shocker that creative minded folks have to take time, sometimes significant, to rewire themselves after too much exposure to this. The “theory recovery time” is indeed a common phenomenon among creative music students. My advice for learning theory would be more Beatles: develop your intuition by doing what you love, and pick up theory here and there as it interests you and fuels your ongoing creative drive.
I learned more about subjects other than music while I was an undergrad music major at CAL. Liberal arts is a good thing.

As well, I can safely say all the most consequential things I learned about music, both theory and playing of it, was learned mostly out side of school, from my own sweat and toil and my own inquisitiveness, with peers or at gigs, out side of school or teachers.