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You can't fail also to give due credit to some technological advances, which open up new doors and ways of working.

Just a multichannel mixer (ie greater than 2 mic inputs...and up to unlimited, if you factor in DAWs) immediately lets you plant more mics out there...whether they end up going to individually stored multitrack files or tape tracks, or simply mixed down live-to-stereo on the spot, as many if not most live to air radio broadcasts are still done....

Multichannel DAW storage opens up yet more possibilities, for capturing multiple perspectives and spot snapshots, even if they're not necessarily used much (or at all) in the ultimate mixdown phase.

None of this is necessarily advocating a multichannel/track recording approach vs a simple 2 mic live to stereo approach...except that the technology (and relative accessibility of the hardware) allows this latter approach at relatively little cost, except for setup time (and mic-forest visual pollution )

Because, technologically, it can be done...means that it often is (multimiking that is)