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There is a point of no return in terms of the enhancement Reverb can add to a mix. In my experience, reverb is best used to simulate a sound being played in a large room that has a bit of reverberation, rather than a sound played in a sound proof room with absorbent material. A little touch of reverb adds life to a normally flat sound.

What I don't like is cheesy reverb. If adding FX to a synth jacks up the cost that might position a synth in a higher price range than the desired price range of said product, it might be wise to skip it.

My choice for FX is an Eventide rack mounted unit that I could afford. Not everyone can afford an Eventide H9000, but an Eventide eclipse 4v is within reach with planning and saving. Once you get your hands on a Eventide, cheaper imitations sound cheesy in comparison.

Mike T.