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Well I wasn't really talking about that. But also those guys had some restraint and knew when to pile it on for effect.

If you think I was waging war on digital reverb I'm sorry.
No i get you. I’m a reverb guy tho. I think people forget HOW MUCH reverb was all over the classic synth tracks in the 80’s, well more than you will find in today’s productions. Home synthesists/hobbyists (me included) may drown things from time to time, but that i would reserve only for really ambient stuff. In terms of modern day synth pop, look at like M83’s Hurry Up album as a good example of heavy handed reverb that i personally love. And TBH, I think the FX in the deepmind are actually pretty good. Maybe not as good as the 224 and 140 UAD reverbs I have in my toolbox, but definitely better IMO than most prosumer boss type stomp boxes. The Deepmind chorus is definitely better IMO than my chorus plugins.

I think it’s pretty easy to rag on these things but for what it is, i think they’re pretty great. Crazy affordable, crazy flexible, 90% or more of the synth sound of the Juno and maybe 90% of the sound of nice outboard FX. I’m not sure how many “pros” are scoring movies or putting out EDM/pop/alt/etc. using a deepmind, let alone the deepmind’s onboard FX. Not saying you couldn’t, just that the sacrilegious bad juju following you around for the rest of your life would be enough to spend the extra money on a Juno or whatever else.