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I've learned some very interesting things from this thread so far--really fascinating, thank you so much to all who have shared!

I regret making the remark to which you were responding here, as I can see now that it must have seemed rather flippant. Let me reassure everyone that I'm not in any way looking to be spoonfed or to avoid doing my own research. What I had meant to say there was, no matter how much research I do, I simply don't see how there can be any proper substitute for the direct observations of veterans who observed the progression of the recording process first-hand over a long period of time. I certainly will not be using this thread as my only source of information, or even my main source--I've simply intended for it to be a supplement and a sanity check on exactly the kind of "basic research" you describe. Sorry for not making that more clear above. And thanks for sharing your own experiences as well!
No problem...if you get a good mark, share it with us . It's often fun for us here to trawl through older stuff, as new nuggets (like that newly-posted Decca/Ring video) can appear at any time, without fanfare
The difficulty with hoping for neat, linear-progression, evolutionary improvements or innovations in recording methodology is that...that's not how it goes !

There were/are broad movements, as well as little silo-factions, in co-existence always...some tip their hat to accepted acoustic theory, many don't (or bend it in ways never intended). If you add surround/3D/ambisonics you create an even bigger whirlpool (or rabbit-hole) of possibilities....

The history of discovery, innovation, adaptation and evolution of ideas and practice rarely conforms to neat academic pigeonholes...and stereo recording is no exception !