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Old 25th July 2019
Here for the gear

@ Lynn Fuston , Sir what about a page on Sweetwater website which includes Audio Interfaces's on board preamps + conversion just as you had microphone ones, with male and female voices. For Clarett, Scarlett, apogee, UAD, Slate VRS 8, RME, Audient etc..

And also comparing them with standalone A/D converters.

This test trust me, will help a lot of serious guys, to hear and decide for microphones. It helped me.

Similarly will help about hearing preamp+conversions of budget, mid, high, and supreme preamp+ converters.
e.g. i have a decent saving to spend on gears particularity on A/D, D/A converters,higher end interfaces.

But i get a feeling, beyond a range, will spending extra money return any actual audibly significant return ?
Second thought immediately comes, but why Pros use them ??

There is not a single place where you can go and hear by own and decide.. Its just reading specs, reading posts on forums and an imaginative guessing.

(Your vocal mic shootout page is the way !)

It hasn't been done on internet anywhere..