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From Eves back to APS

So, my Eves arrived yesterday. 5 minutes of listening gave me the proper lesson that my control room is small and Eves 208 are big. The bass exploded and the room could not hold its energy, period. Returned them the same day, though I could sense somehow they were really, really noble.

I wanted to hunt for Focal Shape 65s, but the distributor said they were temporarily out of stock here in Poland, so I went back to Klasiks.

I did a couple of things to make them perform better:

- placed them approx. 25 cm closer than my previous Adam A7X,
- measured the room with REW, then engaged EQ on my DBX output processor, re-measured the room.

The measurement gave me results I could already hear, bumps around 4 and 14 kHz, probably more equipment reflections than the speakers themselves. Had nothing like that with Adams, but their tweeter behaved differently, giving a very narrow sweetspot, when Klasiks have broaden the sweetspot and highs propagation.

Anyway, some manual EQ work brought them where they sould be and yes - they started performing really, really well. And I can definitely feel a difference in quality when have jumped from A7X. I can make my mixing process efficient in higher frequencies, this is also a matter of learning them a bit I suppose.

So, I'm a new happy Klasik user here. I would have gone for Aeons 2 if I could, but I don't really want to spend that much on nearfield monitoring.

Just to give you a glimpse of my room - measurements attached. Waterfall indicates weird rumbles below 35 Hz, these are probably remnants of heavy drilling from a nearby construction yard, very low pitched wall resonances appearing periodically.

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